Soooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I really am . If you could see me typing you would see my sad face and not be angry at me anymore. I know that it has been ages but I'm telling you there is no Internet in my life. Well no daily access anyway. My office has been stuck down by some stupid virus from our sister company using the same network and they are all like "it's you guys fault", please!! whatever.....

Well anyway my philosophy in life is to enjoy the good times when they come rolling in and that's what has been happening. It was my big cousin's birthday and super cool guy that he is spent the weekend at this sexy beach resort with the Mrs and a bunch of us came to join them the next day for a PARTYYYY.

Oh so many fun things to say!! Where to start!! Okay the resort was far but the journey was straight forward and the highlight of the journey for me was the hub cap falling and spinning of another cousin's car and he didn't even bat an eyelid haha.

We came with the almighty party rice (never goes wrong) and drinks abounding and I just loved the atmosphere. I tell you gazing at the sea and the surf with that wind blowing through your hair, you just feel all your stress blowing away and I'm thinking "I could get seriously used to this"...

I paddled in the sea surf and it was hilarious when a giant wave hit me in the bum and I was wet from the waist down, knickers and everything. I should confess that I only went in the surf once, cos alcohol was soon in my system and I definitely remember all those safety videos from primary school that warned us about drink and water....(did not want to become fish food)

Every need was met, music (by Travis), food by my cousin's, drinks and good conversation. Also had my first canoe ride and was safely wrapped in a life jacket. In my ever so slightly tipsy condition we also had to do some undercover work because the Mrs and so other females had quietly gone ahead to arrange my darling cousin's wedding shower at their house (do try and keep up I have a big family).

So in one fun filled day I had beach fun and surprise wedding shower madness (the poor girl didn't have a clue it was hilarious). It was a great way to start my return home !!
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