TO give you an example of the friends I roll with, read on.....

As my office is on the way home, Phoenix always picks me up and we go home together with her brother who also woks nearby. A couple of nights ago, she picked me up in her office car as Travis had gone to Abuja on a business trip and she was going to drop it at his house.

The poor darling was in the throes of dodgy flu and chest infection so her favourite best friend right now was tissue. When we arrived at Travis' house, she parked the car and got out. Out comes a mighty sneeze and in goes the car keys into the gutter!!!!!

So I'm all " no one panic I'll go and call security. Miss I'm Sick just tells me to help her get her phone cos it has a light. Before I can blink, she has LIFTED the paving slab that covers the gutter and moved it to one side!!! Then she gets on her knees and like a surgeon she asks for a hanger!! I'm thinking, what the hell needs hanging now?? What she wants was the wire hanger in the car which Travis uses for his suit jacket.

Well with me holding the light, she unbends it and proceeds to use it as a fishing line to hook out the partially submerged keys. I get some bottled water in the car and use it to rinse out her hands and keys then we put the slightly pongy keys in an old envelope and she proceeds to put the slab back in place and we both sashay out of the estate!!!!

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