This is my weekend starting on Friday afternoon!

There was a guy I met during my first week at work. He was doing promotional stuff for the gym where he worked and he tried to give me a flyer and I told him I already belong to the gym. So to cut a four week long story short this our guy (called FF) starts flirting and I thought what the hell, I gave him my number. Cue three weeks of random texting etc. In all fairness I had put him out of mind , so was very surprised when he called and asked me out for lunch...OK so far so normal.

On the day FF calls and says he will be tied up at work so can we meet at 2.30pm (my stomach grumbles but I say yes). 3pm he calls and apologises and asks that we meet in front of Sainsburys. At this time my spidey senses are tingling LOL! Really why a grocery store? So we meet and for sure we enter Sainsburys' and he buys his stuff and buy my lunch and we pay and we leave (excitement levels have dropped at this point).

Here is my reasoning, I could have done this buy myself, where is the va va voom? Sooo in a shopping complex full of eateries we were huddled in the cold wind trying to eat. It was OK for him, he had chicken! I had a salad and the wind kept blowing my food off the fork before I could put it in my mouth! Grrrrrr .

All through this I am valiantly trying to make conversation, I mean wasn't that the whole point to try and talk etc. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't rude but he wasn't there, that's for sure! 30 mins later FF starts wrapping up his rubbish, first he has to get back to work, then it's that he has to catch the bank! Oh please just go! His I'll call you later was totally ignorned by me, I'm not stupid, neither do I enjoy self inflicted torture. HABA!

PS Did I mention he is Nigerian of the Yoruba extraction. I thought my people knew how to show a girl a good time, not even money wise....what about your full attention?
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  1. Minky Says:

    LOL..gosh naija guys wont kill us o!
    1st time here, LOVE your blog.