....I finally started putting my words and experiences online, hoping that it would be a form of release at a time when I felt my world was a little out of control, that my emotions were threatening to overwhelm me and there was nowhere to rant and rave to the best of my abilities.

When I came back to London, I started to wonder that maybe I didn't have that much to say anymore and that my need for a blog was suddenly obsolete.

Errrrrr no.

A year on my world is still a little out of control, my emotions are still threatening to overwhelm me and I still need somewhere to rant and rave. A friend of mine has recently stopped blogging as he felt that he had no inspiration and no driving need to communicate, well not me. I feel that now more than ever I need to put all these feelings and events down because with the passage of time, my memory might convince me that things happened differently or not at all. WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!

SO VIVA LA BLOG ( the madness continues).
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