The last set of ranting about my weekend.

I am on my way across the pond, to the land of stars and stripes. Why? Because my Mum's baby sister is having a 40th birthday party to end all 40th birthday parties (her words) and it has also turned into a family reunion. I'm already stressed as it is because my Mum's sisters favourite topic is my weight but I was going to 'man up' and get through the two weeks. I'm not asking for much just a chance to hang with my baby brother and sleep!

I'm flying with an American airline that will give you 2 x 23 kg right? Well my Mum hijacks one suitcase and packs it with things for my Aunty that you can't find in America like coloured bleach and I saw that one coming she does it all the time so whatever! What got me was that she now packed a little bag of 5kg with some stuff for my brother for my other suitcase!! She didn't tell me till the night she was going because she knew I would flip. My temper is up but I'm still breathing......

SO when she starts calling me from Minnesota with a growing shopping list of things she still needs and for some reason can't get in America I have to ask if they can't be bought there? WOW She flips on the phone and screams at me, and yells that I am now 'too white' and I shouldn't bring anything anymore!! I give up! This is why I should have had more siblings, I shouldn't see through this madness on my own.

Soooo to bring up the weekend of trial and tribulation I now realise that I have lost all feeling on the left side of my right foot and all that I have there is a numbness like perpetual pins and needles! It is totally freaking me out. My doctor says she can't do much for me and that if I am stressed it might be the cause and I need to relax! Oh boy! At some point on Sunday evening I just wanted to cry, but then I tried to get a grip.

Only highlight was going out with the girls to a night of disco classics, Motown hits and cheesy rock on Friday night! It was a great!!! No 50Cent in sight LOL! I have also discovered that Phat Lady has an actual flair for air guitar hahahaha.
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