I lost 2lbs!!!! I had the weekly weigh in last Monday but forgot to say. I was so relieved but I'm also a bit sceptical. You see I was way beyond bloated last week and now my period is over, maybe all I lost was the water weight? You see....

So the weigh in to watch will be next Monday's one. I'm also back at the gym so that should help. I want this to work so much that I can taste it!

Meanwhile, one of the priests from my university Catholic chaplaincy where I lived in university has given me a friend request on facebook!! Aha!! Really I have read articles about this type of thing but it was students whose lecturers where on facebook. What does one do about a priest?

I mean he was cool and everything but he wasn't our main Chaplin or one of the priests I worked with on special projects so I didn't see this one coming. Well I really shouldn't be perturbed, it's not like there are pictures of me on facebook swinging from a chandelier in a bikini (etc etc)!!!

I will accept the request and foster "priests trying to be cool", but I tell you if I see him at one of my night clubs next week......LOL
2 Responses
  1. K Says:

    You accepted it?! You accepted the request? Ooooh...its all going downhill from now.
    PS - I know you know who this is.

  2. Phoenix Says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! funky priest, LOL!!! anyways alot has been confessed to him, so i guess him seeing stuff 1st hand wont be that bad.......*wink wink