My Dad is around for a couple of weeks. He is also going to America for the family reunion but he isn't big on the country so he came to Ol' Blighty first for some rest. We were talking about a cousin of mine who according to my Dad left the Catholic Church (worst thing ever in the eyes of my Father) to join an African Independent Church because according to my Dad, "she was looking for a husband, which still hasn't come."

Now I'm not going to start blogging about which religion is good for one's soul because cyberspace is only so big, but what made me sad is what you constantly find in Nigeria which is desperate people going from one church to another seeking a solution to a particular thorny issue in their life. Many a time I have seen a banner in Lagos saying " WE WILL BRING YOU HUSBAND, BABIES, MONEY etc", like the Church is some kind of supermarket where you order to your particular needs. It isn't about that, find your relationship with God and stick with it even in desperate times. A church is about community and family, having somewhere to worship together. The problems won't change with a different church location, they will change with your acceptance of the the power of God in your life.

I worry though you know. Yes, I worry that I too may become like my cousin. Not the Church part, but the no husband in your thirties part. I don't want a husband as some kind of status symbol but as a partner, lover and friend. Someone who has your back always, where the both of you form your own personal A-Team! LOL

I know I'm lonely now, but to still be like this ten years from now, I shudder, I think I'm actually getting goosebumps. The problem also is that the more panicked a woman gets the more likely she is to choose the wrong person, which is even worse. I pray now (because God surfs the net too) that I will have the man who is worthy of me and vice versa. Who will not quail at the sight of my huge family, who will understand that I can't talk during my sitcoms and who will make me see life with new eyes. He will love God and love me, knowing full well that I love him without conditions and will join me to make our home a haven on this stormy planet, Amen.
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    wuzzums!!!!! where art thou?

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    Amen and AMEN!! LOVE this BLOG!!xx