It's official! When I go on vacation I don't blog. This is the second time it has happened. I think I lock everything down to get a rest and distance myself from normally life as I know it which includes blogging! To be fair in this case, the first week I was so tired I didn't leave the house my first week. I pottered around in jogging bottoms, went for long walks and played scrabble with my Uncle.

The second week then the circus (my Mum's family) came from all around. America, Nigeria, Canada and England. I learnt a big lesson you can hate someone in five minutes and love them in the next five when they are your loved ones. Complete chaos, we had 17 kids at one time not to mention adults and visitors !!!!! One minute I'm shouting at them not to leave dirty dishes in the sink and the next minute we are dancing to my Aunty's sound system.

Oh the house!!! What a house!! Three floors, five bedrooms, four sitting rooms, two dinning rooms, three bathrooms, office, two kitchens...God bless Americans and their space to build!!! Outside looked like Wisteria Lane all manicured lawns and shrubbery. The only down side is if you don't have a car , then go and sleep because there is no king but the automobile. I only went out/shopping twice and then I had to hustle for a ride but it was all good!!

I'll tell you about the party later but on a sad note I stupidly packed my Cousin's maple syrup in my hand luggage and they took it off me :( See what terrorism has turned us into!!! The important thing was that I got a chance to spend proper time with my brother which is invaluable.

PS Do you want to laugh? Ex-hottie's girlfriend sent me a friend request on Facebook! Have I not come a long way? Can someone please clap for me because I am growing! From the very sound of her name making me feel ill to me accepting her friend request on Facebook! Haba that is maturity oh jare! Like I said before she is cool, so what can one do?
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