My friend told me last weekend, that she had a blind date and she was put off because the man in question treated the date like a business merger, telling her what he wants in his future life partner, and how the children should be raised. Her exact words were that he came on all 'uncle like' with his five year plan and his motto of "if you fail to plan, then plan to fail". According to my friend Jill every time she tried to move to other topics he wouldn't be budged.

She concluded by telling me she was going to send him an email telling him that she wasn't interested (as he had scared her off). The following is what I saw in my inbox today and I have followed her suggestion to spread her cautionary tale LOL

*Names have been changed for privacy!

If you thought I was exagerating about my blind date, please read the exchange below (feel free to circulate to any females who could benefit from my cautionary tale)...........

Thanks for your reply. I think the content of your email proves to me that we don't have compatible personalities. I think you're approaching things quite seriously and that's not the type of person I am. Thanks again. I wish you well but I don't think I'll be in contact again. Jill

Subject: Re:

Many thanks on receipt of your email....I must write that though I wasn't expecting to read from you this soon as I thought you need ample time to reflect and identify what I really want at this stage, bearing in mind you may be in contact to ask more questions. On the contrary your thot is highly appreciated, respected , & has not gone un-noted!

Sunday was nice, thanks to you!

It appears you did not get a proper feel for what I am looking for as per the context of your mail; convincingly explaining further on your thots shall be much appreciated as this will help us identify and resolve other mitigating factors amicably.

You will appreciate that unless we allocate time and personal zeal to meeting, conversing, and socialising together; I shall consider myself to be helpless with no opportunity to portraying my personality and what I really want at this stage.

I must stress that majority of the issues discussed was on a forecasting basis, not necessarily now.

Quite frankly in my opinion establishing personal needs on a first date, need not be a major determinant. Perhaps you did not feel the spark, I strongly believe the above can be worked on most especially by spending time together; but of-course we are two different peeps!

Candidly, I felt the spark on Sunday and quoting my words to you 'having you as a companion will be much appreciated'.
Have you asked Jack happy with what I want? I am.

Jill, I would appreciate speaking to you further on receipt of your contact number; please accept my thanks in advance for honouring my request.

How has the week been for you so far, hope you have fused into it well?

Please look after yourself, whilst waiting in anticipation to reading from you?

Assuring you of my best intention at all times.

Kind Rgds


Comments please! I have had this type of date before but never this deep! Oh dear! Our dates willl soon start having PowerPoint presentations ;)
5 Responses
  1. Freaksho Says:

    ...why is it men always write longer?

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Is it how long he wrote, or what he wrote that should be the issue?

  3. tami Says:

    I don't think he got it, did he?

  4. TinTin Says:

    seriously is the guy for real!! maybe he is a robot or an alien? or a humiloid (alien human) lol!!

    crazy man!!!

    ps i was not kidnapped ohh!!!

  5. Oh my giddy aunt, was that real??? Dude be like a Vulcan or something, SMH.