"Stop being a grumpy cow!" - DGirl
"He's got the whole world in his hands.....(and the rest of the hymn)" DGirl
"Call that guy" - Neny
"Do you want Ugly Betty re-runs?" - Phoenix
"Try horlicks" - VV
"You need to have sex" - DGirl
"Drink gin" - Chris

These are just snipets of ideas from my blessed friends around the world. Thanks to a sleeping pill. I slept for a whole night undisrturbed for the first time in two weeks last night so I feel better. I still have an aversion to people, a short temper and don't feel like calling anyone but it's not so bad. You just need to know that I am blessed with people that care for me. Take my Emerald Queen (the sexiest Irish woman I know) for example. She asked me out on Sunday to which I declined saying I didn't want to leave my house this weekend. She replied with wise words to cheer me up! When I replied that I was now very sure that I loved her, please read her reply:

"Darling if I wasn’t Catholic and straight I’d have waved a diamond under your nose long ago. I could be a good daughter-in-law. I could learn Igbo. I could look fine in a fishtail skirt’n’matching-blouse. I can learn and respect the finer points of weave maintenance. I might not look great in a head wrap (and nevermind learning to actually pin one up) but I am willing to try it. The key to a successful and lasting relationship is compromise and willingness to be flexible.

Ultimately, isn’t it a shame about the man-thing? The sad thing is that they have no appreciation for things like haircare knowledge, no matter how hard you have to try at it."

LOL, I rest my case! Who told her about the fish tail skirts?! I only take the blame for weave and all things fake hair :)

I love you ladies xxx
2 Responses
  1. TinTin Says:

    Lmao at emerald queen!!!!!!!
    i'm actually laughing really hard and my dad is giving me dirty looks!!!!

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Tin Tin, welcome back, we thought you had been kidnapped :)

    Yes Emerald Queen said she got her clothes knowledge from Wood Green, where she lives (Nigerian Church Central)and every Sunday morning is a visual delight of every outfit under the sun!