I was reading one of my favourite blogs and the post of the day was an established blogger's tips on how to keep your blog interesting. I was working my way down the list and most of what he was saying made sense and I got to number 13 it said "be startlingly honest".......

That line struck such a chord with me because I have noticed something.

When I started blogging it was such a release for me. So many things were happening in Nigeria and I thought if I don't get these things down I will forget and will not believe my own memories. So I wrote! With such vigour and my fingers flying off the keyboard. Then when my friends started reading and I did particularly naughty things or get into weird situations I found myself censoring my blog!


Why do that? In moments of honesty I knew it was because of some of my friends who know a particular aspect of me who would be startled to read some other errrmmmmm private accounts, painful accounts etc. Most of them know all the crazy, but not all! Well that is such a cop out! Another blog that comforted me through so many boring and stressful days is Laide's and she is so honest! She doesn't hold back and her words ring true and proud!

So I hereby make a declaration that I will not edit information out of my blog. Maybe my experiences will help some of the other 10 people that read my blog :) but most importantly it will be a true account for me to look back on further down the line.

PS You have been warned! LOL
3 Responses
  1. Phoenix Says:

    LMAO!!!!! this will be pretty interesting, ha! God! i sooooo can't wait.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    I can practically see you rubbing your hands in glee. I don't know what you think I get up to!

  3. Phoenix Says:

    Guilty conscience....... na you know oh!!!!!