My Father has always been a bit of a drama queen but last night he crossed the boundaries of good taste.

Even though my Mum and I back from our trip to America, he is still there with my brother but has been on a bit of a tour going to different states where numerous family members live. Right now he is in his brother's house and I don't particularly like this Uncle and have been dodging calling my Dad in case this Uncle in question picks up. The few times I have tried to speak to my Dad, we found out that he had gone out. Right.

Last night he calls and tells me on the phone, something along the lines of, "I am comforted in the knowledge that when I die, you will not miss me because you get on so well without talking to me when I am alive!".


I was livid!! Absolutely shocked. Normally I would have madesome half hearted response but I wasn't having it!!! I exploded! I didn't raise my voice but I didn't let him speak over me either. I just said that that was a horrible (I said horrible around 10 times) and horrid thing to say. I told he had gone too far and as an educated man he could have found other words and phrases to tell me off for not calling rather than going THERE!! I mean some things are sacrilegious, how can you tell your only daughter that she will be fine when you die??? Tu fia kwa! (Igbo).

I was simmering but passed the phone over to my Mum, but when she later asked me what happened then I burst into tears (yeeeesssss I know, women!). My Aunt, when she heard what happened said " least you told him off and burst into tears after the phonecall."

I had to do deep breathing for the rest of the evening, I was still so pissed off!

Anyway that was last night, today is a new day and I am on the move with goals in sight. I will tell you all later.
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  1. Phoenix Says:

    AAtta girl, tell them, tell them! u said, it's a new day, life goes on........

  2. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Crying is good, always works......need i say i got bored, hence this, I'm guessing since it's stuff i love, i might be able to keep up.....:-)

  3. Twix! Says:

    Your father, a drama QUEEN? quite hillarious. I just realised theres nothing like a drama king anyway. Dont mind these old folks, they have a way of getting on our last nerves.

    Glad its past now though but anticipate more like that because they never really stop. Believe me, i know

  4. Rita Says:

    I can understand why you were livid, his choice of words..., but I think your dad was trying to say he wished you called...

    And it's good you let your feelings out with tears... that's why it is easier to enter today and leave yesterday behind.

    Though it may be hard, may I suggest you call your father and apologise? He really wished you had called.

  5. Rita Says:

    BTW, I like your openness and honesty. It makes your blog enjoyable to read.

  6. CaramelD Says:

    Hello ladies!
    @ Twix, to be fair my friend's Mum has gone off the radar with her version of parental torture that my Dad is looking like a saint right now!

    @Rita, thank you for your compliments, I feel all tingly! LOL! I can't apologise though he cut quite deep but I will call more often and I saw some Manchester United beer glasses that might make a very good Christmas present...... :)