.....but I'm 27 not 10!!
Nothing has physically changed. I still have a rapidly disappearing hairline, gap teeth, big hips and no man BUT I feel fabulous! Absolutely super!!!
I can take on the world one challenge at a time!
No mountain too high!
No river too deep!
You get the general idea.
WHY?? Because I am loved!
I have no shame in saying that I am loved and I am treasured! I have had an emotional weekend because my birthday made me realise that I have a Forbes 500 list of Friends and Family.
You see when you have people that care about what you think, how you feel, what you did, the shackles of life just fall free from your arms and legs. The day to day grind doesn't hurt anymore. You have a bounce in your step and a wiggle in your bum (ha).
Sorry if I'm coming all Mary Poppins over you but it's my party and I'll laugh if I want to.
Talking about my party, we went out for dinner at a local Indian and we were a bunch of 15 laughing, noisy so called adults! Whatever we made the restaurant pop! I wanted something a bit different as I am trying to wean myself off Nandos !!!
After that it was off to my house for desert and drinks (also known as shaks)! Quite a lot of people came and you had that nice feeling of a house party where people are chatting and laughing. I must say though my different groups of friends were getting on a bit too well and swapping stories of me misbehaving, hmmm! (I know where you all live)
I got great presents (that never hurts) including a packet of Jaffa Cakes from ex-hottie (read my profile you will understand).
High points of weekend 1. No less than four Aunties and a Father telling me that my wedding count down was officially ticking! I suddenly had visual of a big clock covered in lace and tulle!
High points of weekend 2. My friend making a happy birthday video on facebook for me then setting it wrong, so now everyone can see it! Classic!! She raps and sings!
I did miss some special people from Naija but I was thinking about you all and thank you for calling xxxxxx
I wish you all a great vibe this week, I want you all to feel like Kings and Queens. If work gets you down tomorrow just sing this in your head if you are:
NOT NIGERIAN: The theme song from Rocky when he runs up those steps or "Eye of the Tiger".
NIGERIAN: The song we would sing when in class in secondary school and we had no lessons "Number one step on the stage, show us your disco dancing steps: Say oops ehh, say oops ehhh!"
5 Responses
  1. Twix! Says:

    Glad you had a fabulous day!

  2. ~Sirius~ Says:

    You are forgiven, just this once, Pls DHL my slice of cake........Thank you!
    Forbes 500, you go girl, at least you know you are loved and that's the most important thing, jaffa cakes.....Answer!!!!!

  3. Rita Says:

    Happy Birthday, sure you had a great day...

  4. AlooFar Says:

    Sure you had fun.


  5. CaramelD Says:

    FYI, that cake wasn't mine oh! It is from Google images LOL! We were more along the lines of Puff Puff! LOL