Some things happen to me and I wonder if they happen to other people? So therefore if I come across these things I will share them with you all so that you may avoid similar pitfalls. Here are two things I need to share and there might be many more so at the beginning of some of my posts you may see:

Caramel Delight says:

Don't mix brandy and Apple Tango. Just don't go there! It's nasty and tastes like the medicine your Mum used to force you to take when you were a child.

For the ladies, carry a spare pashmina and keep in your drawers at the office in case your nipples start showing (even though you wore a padded bra and your top had an under layer!!). If not you will have to wear your jacket in the office and lie and tell people you are cold. Office pashmina is also good for lunch time stains on your top or if you sat on something!

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  1. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Actually I have two just in case something happens to the 1st one~ and also one matches darks and the other lights. Silly, I know.