Soooooooooooo where were we? HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Forgive my erratic story telling. I'm on a low-carb diet and I'm sugar deprived!

Ehen back to my ramblings jare.

I was in my home town for about a week before I saw him. I used the excuse that I was going to see my cousin and his wife (Baked Bean's sister) and he came to pick me from my house. When he came out of his car i knew there was trouble. Yes I saw all his physical faults and catalogued them well but it didn't stop me fancying the pants off him.

It was great seeing my cousin's family but all the kids madness and amusements couldn't stop me feeling this boy's eyes on me. He also looked for my trouble the whole time I was there. Saying things to wind me up and setting his nephew upon me at every opportunity. By the time he dropped me off home that night I was ready to send assassins to kill him.

This post is not long enough to catalogue texts, conversations, looks but basically the heat between us was not in my imagination. At one point when we were 'on an errand' for my Aunt , I knew he wanted to kiss me but he held back and this point I'm not going to lie I wanted to jump him but life was making sure we never got 5 seconds alone.

A few days before I was due to go back to Lagos to fly back to London, I got to have a whole afternoon with him. I thought it would be like before, errands, arguments and sexual tension but it didn't pan out that way. To cut a long story short, I got the best 2 hours I have had in 2008 till date LOL!! We still actually refer to that afternoon like it happened in a dream or something (maybe it did).

What am I banging on about?

In my limited experience I've noticed that guys don't listen to what a girl wants, they just rush in with some kind of agenda for foreplay in their head or something. Not this time. I got what I wanted and boy oh boy did I get it well :) His hands were talented, his lips were magic and yours sincerely tried to reciprocate in kind. Sexual fantasy punctuated with laughter and conversation, who thought it could be possible?

He once said how can that one afternoon mean so much when we didn't go the whole 9 yards? You see that is my problem I am glad that we didn't because if we had I would be having a much harder time than I'm having now.

Do you know why I call him Baked Beans? Because what you see on the label is exactly what you get in the tin, no surprises no gimmicks. He has never promised anything, never said anything he didn't mean so therefore anybody with an ounce of sense would leave this situation as there is absolutely no hint of commitment.

Then what am I still doing?
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