My last set of ramblings (I hope).
When I came back to London I was very wary of calling him. First of all I wanted a clean break and secondly his behaviour towards me was rude and very odd. When I didn't call he said I had forgotten him, but when I did call he was cold! Haba! After one bad conversation, I used anger to call him back and tell him off! I think he was shocked but I was spitting fire! I told him if he couldn't find person I used to talk to everyday in Nigeria then he should stop calling me here in London!
His behaviour changed after that. He explained that he felt that I was quick to was my hands and move on! (If only). Now though as I type this I'm angry. I feel like I'm being made to play a game by rules I don't like. I enjoy talking to him, he calls as much I do but he will be the first to tell me that he can't do commitment.
I'll be skipping along getting more entangled in my feelings for him then one day he will wake up and announce that he is marrying some girl like that. (Apparently this happens quite a lot in Naija) LOL.
I'm not saying ladies in committed relationships are immune to heartbreak, but if it goes pear shaped at least they can remember what they were fighting for. I have no such claim. I need to wake up and smell the coffee before I get seriously hurt. I also need to have a plan for Christmas as I am going home and temptation will be strong.
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  1. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Detox girl, SO - No can foods - out wif the bakebeans my love, stick to crispy veggies when you find them.....
    As for chirstmas, you'll be fine, Murphy's law will sure take care of that.....*wink wink