OK yes October has been generally crappy, yes the skies are darker earlier and everyone is wearing their black coats but I am going to force myself to remember good things! By fire, by force!!
I bought my Mum a phone for the first time and I loved the look on her face. It's something she has always wanted and because I have steady paycheck (that makes sense) for the first time in my life, I could do that. That was lovely, she made us laugh because she started singing and dancing in the front room :)
Another happy thing is that now, when I Google my blog name, it comes up as the second, third and fourth reference on the list! Yeahhhhh. Before it never even showed! That's as close to world domination as I come for now. The pictures on my blog are also all over Google images which is a bit weird!
More happy things? My cousin is pregnant and she has been trying for ages, so hurray for Jesus! Ohhh and I got a commendation from the higher powers at work about an event I attended on behalf of the College.
Talking about work, my manager saw that I was looking low and decided to announce that she can lick her elbow!!! (Try it, it's not easily done). That now lead us to start exposing our own party tricks (I can put my foot over my head), they had me in giggling fits.
OK, see? Feeling better already.
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