"This too shall pass"

Who said that? Where is that quote from because it's a great quote. It is my comfort right now because I am offcially psycho girl. The madness has found me!

It's hormones time and mine's raging. I get very annonyed when women are judged on behaviour because of what their body is doing but I have to surrender this time. Even though we are rational beings, the body can take over from time to time.

Just in the previous post I rejoiced that my older cousin was pregnant only for her collaspe on Sunday night in pain because her body had miscarried. I was soooooooo sad and I felt her pain keenly. Talking to her on the phone on Monday morning I found myself crying with her on the road on the way to work. Oh Lord give comfort! I don't do emphatic crying so I was quite surprised.

Also because she is my H.O.D at work I had to tell my manager and then I started crying again! Haba! My poor manager said I should go home, I told her NO! That is not the Nigerian way, that's not how we roll, we tough it out. So I worked but got to go to the hospital in the evening (armed with glossy mags) to see her and she is doing as fine as can be expected.

I am also very cranky, but that one I am used to! What's new in the mix is that my Dad is around so I have to watch myself as I know that my temper is quite short in my new psycho girl mood. Also as per diet, chocolate is now not an option! So I'm holding all the narky sarcastic comments I want to make in my head ;)

To add salt to the wound, I'm errrmmmm hot (and I don't mean temperature wise). It has never been this bad before. I have done a poll and my friends say that they are on heat at this time in the month and it can get quite ridiculous but this is the first time I have reached 'quite ridiculous' stage.

Seriously I'll be on the phone talking to Baked Beans (I should seriously think of changing that name) and he will be talking about something perfectly mundane, maybe even serious and I'll be turning into a puddle of liquid mush! Na wa Oh! It's just the sound of his voice is enough. The last conversation we had I don't think I can even recall what we were talking about. Luckily this time he didn't catch on, because if he had the conversation would have taken a left turn into Naughty Land and I would have caught on fire for sure!

So I'm just waiting it out and hoping I don't scare or kill anyone for now.......
5 Responses
  1. ~Sirius~ Says:

    OK!, slooooow down girl, you know it's just a couple of days and it's over, until next month te he.
    Don't cross paths with the old man so you don't let sasha out, and baked beans is bad for you!!! especially for the fact you can't eat it now if you wanted too!
    About your cousin, sad :-( my heart actually did a double take.


    may you be found someday

  3. i know that mush mushy feeling o... haba baked beans?!lol... of all names. now that you're ridiculously hot, how long is the queue?hehe


  4. CaramelD Says:

    @ Sirus, I can't help myself! I know he's bad for me, help!

    @ Sola, welcome, don't be a stranger ;)

    @tales&tallies, I know the name is nuts but it has basis I promise! Queue? No queue here oh!

  5. Muse Says:

    um...being a bloke, what can say but...this too shall pass. woreva!