I really want to write but work is deep! My manager is on leave so all roads leads to my desk this week and when I come home I'm off to the gym or I just crash!

Issues at hand:

  • The dieting is harrrrrrrddddd! I miss biscuits especially in times of stress but I shall remain strong. Week two has just finished and I'm down 6 pounds so it's all good.
  • My Dad is in town this weekend for a while so I shall practice deep breathing and meditation and hopefully we won't kill each other.
  • Sugar!!! I'm meant to subscribe to Sky Sports for him and I've forgotten chai!
  • Also haven't called Baked Beans in a while (1 1/2 weeks but who's counting?) and I haven't cracked yet so it's all gravy baby!
  • The Nigerian High Commission, London needs to sort itself out and destroy their website and start again for the love of all that is good and pure in the world.
  • I need to shop seriously! My wardrobe can't cope with the work social dos and my own personal life, but abeg the UK is in the midst of serious financial crisis, shouldn't I be saving?
  • Life is a bit blah right now, but I say celebrate the ordinary and find ways to add colour and cheer yourself up! I'm a great believer in dancing in your underwear in front of the mirror, so........
6 Responses
  1. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Pele with the whole work thing,
    Woo Hoo! 6lbs, you don't want to stop now, dam temptation!
    No need to practice the breathings, just pay for the filpping Sky Sports!
    *1 1/2 weeks and counting....
    Don't expect less from our people, here or at your end.
    Shop Shop Shop until you drop!!!!
    .....Hope I added colour.......the dancing is a must, you go girl.......

  2. Twix! Says:

    Believe me, life is beautiful. I feel you about the diet thingy, been really hard here too

  3. TinTin Says:

    hahhahaah..the nigerian high commission in london is so crap..go there and see that a crap website and crap high commission go hand in hand~

    shall we diet together! started mine and its just too hard! esp after i discovered buttered bread rolls! chia!!!

  4. CaramelD Says:


    Sirus you are like an internet pep squad!

    Twix and TinTin I am more than ready to start blogsville diet support group! Serioulsy, the pit falls are many!

  5. Rita Says:

    This too shall pass...take things easy...

  6. AlooFar Says:

    Just take it easy on yourself O!