I'm just going to write this before I loose my nerve.

There are better ways to write this and I really should put in some back history but I'm wired and can't think straight. I need help. I need some unbiased advise from people who don't see me everyday ...... please be those people.

If you have perused my blog from scratch and had the free time to analyse you would have noticed that there were two guys I mentioned who affected my kolo sense while I was in Nigeria. We won't count ex-hottie because technically he was affecting my kolo senses from England. One was B (hmm) and the second guy didn't even get a name (LOL), but we can call him Party Boy (cos 9/10 times when you call him he was in a bar/club/joint).

Anyways, there really were three. I call them the Trilogy because when I got to Nigeria I had huge stupid crushes on two guys but it was a dead end street then all of a sudden three other guys in the last six months of my stay came out of nowhere.

The last guy is my cousin's brother-in-law. I have known him for ages but honestly did not even think of him in that way at all. He was just that person who you see around Christmas and at weddings and say what's up to etc.

Well when I was in my hometown for Christmas last year, I went to his house with my cousin and borrowed some novels from him. I unexpectedly had to run back to Lagos because my stupid MD was giving me a query for having a life. When I got his calls I rightly assumed that it was because I had skipped town with his brand new expensive best sellers.

After we settled that I would send them back, I was really puzzled as to why the phonecalls continued with conversations like:

  • How are you doing?

  • How was work?

  • What did you do today?

  • Etc

Why is this guy calling me like we are best of buds from back in the day? I honestly was puzzled. It took me an even longer while to realise that he was flirting with me! You should have seen my face. I wasn't having it! There were too many issues (that explanation needs a whole other blog), I didn't like him and as he was good friends with many male members of my family I knew that the women around them were like Moses and the Red Sea (a high wall on both sides).

But he was persistant, he made me laugh, he loved books with the same intensity I did, he didn't laugh at my problems and he was a dangerous flirt. I soon found myself crumbling. I smile when I remember the nights at home in Lagos with Phoenix in the background shouting "If you don't like him why are you blushing/leaving the room to take the call/smiling that secret smile/giggling? Yea yea girl!!"

Soooo I got hooked via phone, no night was complete without phone calls ot texts or both. He was lecturing in the east, I was banking in Lagos, it was all about the phone.

Until I finished NYSC and came to the east to see my family before I flew back to London. Then I didn't have the distance to protect me. I was going to see him face to face. Unlike the ever doubting Phoenix I was sure that I could hack it. In fact I would see him and realise that what we had on the phone could not translate to the physical. We would see each other and pick out faults and laugh at our stupidity. I would be safe, no problem.

It didn't work that way that all.

2 Responses
  1. Phoenix Says:

    ****Oi Mate! kinda lost, 2 crushes, girl u be keeping stuff from me, no comments until the curtain call....:-)

  2. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Advice will come after drum sure i will tell it to you like it is.