Devil is a liar!! Join me in thanksgiving!
* Contains strong language.

I have a fabulous job as a PR & Marketing Officer for a large College in central London. Now we just don't offer the normal A-Levels, Diploma type things in my College, we also do Adult courses (brings in good money). Right, I work in the 14-19 section but our Adult team was stretched thin so I volunteered to go with our student street team and put in some new booklets in letterboxes for a couple of hours; so far so good.

We have six campuses and I met my student partner in our centre in Euston. All around there are flats and estates and we got to one high rise flat and she said let's try here! I wasn't thrilled and told her. I'm very prejudiced to high rise flats as all sorts of crimes happen there, but this building was very secure. You need an electronic tag to get into the building and one to get into the lift so when a resident came by and let us in I had no real objections (my spirit doesn't agree doesn't really count).

We decided to ride the lift to the top floor and climb down stairs as we dropped the booklets door by door. In our lift a lady got off at the 7th floor, then a guy got off at the 15th floor. I pressed 18th and we went up. Then the lights flickered, died and the lift stopped!

I pressed and pressed no response. I pressed the door open button, no response. I kept pressing
the door open button because I thought we are at the floor and the door is jammed, no response. Haba! At this point, we both notice that the alarm button is missing at my student worker , let's call her Nikki, starts repeating; "Fuck- oh sorry. Fuck - oh sorry." I look at her and see her panic and told her to stop apologising for swearing and in my head I'm saying, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I stuck in a council lift with no alarm button."

By this time two minutes in real Jack Bauer time have passed and no one has heard us, plus our phones don't have any reception. I decided to try the 15th floor as that's the last time the doors opened. I pressed the button and the lift shudders, jerks and stops before we moved to the next floor, thereby we are now BETWEEN FLOORS!

Nikki is shaking and saying don't press the ground floor we will drop, don't press it! I understand her panic and I want to join her but as I'm staff and older I have to pretend to be calm. I think to myself no way, I just had a birthday, nothing is going to happen to me, I have so much to do (that's a whole other post) and Jesus no go allow!

I look at Nikki and jab the G button rapidly. See the shaking!!! The lift shook like it's dancing and just dropped! No smooth ride, no slow motion, nobody calling the lift on their floor(where is everyone?), just whossh!

When we got out, we fairly ran out of the lift and the building. All I kept saying was thank you Jesus! I looked at Nikki and said, next time we listen to my gut feelings!! She nodded and quietly asked if we could go back to the College before we set out again. I asked her why and she replied;

"I need the bathroom, when we went down I nearly wet my pants."
11 Responses
  1. Twix! Says:

    Mehn, thank God o because it could have been a different story. You are blessed and highly favoured believe me

  2. Phoenix Says:

    wuzzums!!!!.....Thank God!!! See, always trust ur instincts.....I'm glad ur ok

  3. CaramelD Says:

    Join me and thank God! I don't do action drama like this oh! I am not Lara Croft!

  4. I have a healthy fear of elevators. I tend to jump in (lest the door closes while I am still getting in -it has happened before), and jump out for the same reason.

    Turned out to be a bad scare. It is a good thing it did not escalate beyond that point.

  5. Freaksho Says:

    claustrophobia clamping down on my brain just THINKING about it.
    now if ye were here in ye olde 9ja, u KNOW say you for taayyyyy for that lift like bastard.
    next time (i hope not)that happens, whip out ur phone and start making a you tube video.
    ;-) it'd be awesome!

  6. Phoenix Says:

    MMMMcchewwwwww @ Freaksho!!!! u always think of the most absurd things to say when things r serious, na wa for u, maybe wen u blog about how u almost got eaten up by snakes we'll find a way to be creative with it, right CaramelD? ha!

  7. theicequeen Says:

    ah ahn! the drama! the drama! lol..i'd have been scared witless oh..stuck in an elevator? yeee! lol don't blame the poor girl
    so i've read the whole first page of your blog and i must say i likeyyy!and have blogrolled ;)

  8. Jarrai Says:

    SCARY...i would have wet my pant most definately...jeez. Glad you are ok..and Nikki too.

  9. Shubby Doo Says:

    lol...very funny to read...i'm glad you guys are ok...

    reasons i hate lifts & use the stairs
    1)in nigeria is just in case NEPA fails
    2)in high rise flats - lack of proper maintenance

    trust your gut...always

    hope she made it in time

  10. Phoenix Says:

    Wuzzums!!! i know ur busy with work and deadlines, but update!

  11. CaramelD Says:

    Yo! Nikki made it to the toilet on time and is starting at the University of Westminster this week but I don't know if she will use their lifts !

    @Phoenix, no vex my dear work is extreme this week but I shall write :)