Hmmmm something is up this early morning! My normally cheerful manager has been quiet this morning. She was meant to be on leave till Wednesday but came in this Monday morning instead and she keeps dashing to speak on the phone. My Spidey senses are tingling and I am quite worried.

On a professional level I haven't had my Monday meeting with her to know what's up this week and all. I hope it's not a serious problem or man drama hmmm! It was her birthday on Sunday, the good vibes should be enough to last her till this afternoon at least! I am sending positive energy towards her desk (I have super powers you know!!)

Talking about birthdays...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHEONIX!!!!!!
PS The cake is for you but it keeps moving to the top of the page ! It wants to be centre of attention.

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  1. Phoenix Says:

    THANK YOU BABE!!!!!!!!!!