Day 2!! All is well apart from evil hayfever that makes me sound like an elephant in a quiet office. Thank you to all my lovely peeps that called or sent messages. Especially Phoenix that reached out across the ocean! Made feel buoyed up and supported awwwww.

Nothing much happening. I've been doing my induction and stuff like Fire Safety training and weird mini courses like 'How to avoid stress in the office!' etc.

I think my line manger is being nice to me as we are on our feet for the rest of the week covering major events and competitions that the college is running. Right now I'm just concentrating on learning, not being caught on Facebook and looking efficient! You know what's hard though? Looking for outfits for five days!!! Can't look to Samantha Jones for ideas, they would sack me LOL ! She looks gorgeous though, I can use her for PR inspiration!
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  1. Phoenix Says:

    Yaaay! 4 the working class hero!
    Tell them oh! i have to look for clothes for only 4days, and its bad.....pssst, thanks for the shout :-)