Eeeeeeeeek at my desk, eating!!! Naughty girl! Okay it's crackers but that is sooooooooo not the point! I'm stationary and the only part moving are my fingers and hands when I answer the phone or type. Today has been quiet and I have been left to my own devices. I decided to be proactive and started researching information that I will need for a future project (but I still got a bit bored).

Meanwhile when I was reading printed material sleep started slipping in ! Can you imagine!!!!! Hmm good thing I caught myself if not it would have been beyond shame! Someone would come to my side of the office and see drool on my chin etc. I like action, moving from desk to printer or anywhere. Running to different campuses and being kept on my toes that way I don't feel the tiredness.

This guy I met online keeps calling me for a date but I can't be bothered I really can't. Don't worry I haven't gone into granny mode (went raving on Saturday night, first time since I got back, loved it) I just can't be asked to sit across a table and make first time banal conversation.

"How are you?"
"Where are your parents from?"
"What church do you go to?"
"What do you do for fun?"
"Do you drink?" (Weird but popular Nigerian men question, like that says anything about you)
"What's your star sign?"
And on, and on and on!!

Yep one more thing... I must go to the gym oh! For the first time I didn't go last week and I'm telling you the fat came back like a stalking ex without a restraining order. I just have to force myself because (I can't stress this enough) THEY HAVE MY MONEY !!!! £38 EVERY MONTH! THAT IS MOTIVATION ENOUGH!!
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