• Phat Lady was proposed to by her long time boyfriend and she said yes! Yeah.. Plus I'm Maid of Honour (capital letters provided by me). They are aiming for March 2010 though !!! Yikes! I guess that is enough time for excess body mass to take a hike!

  • After chasing my old boss around, he finally sent my reference, so I start work next week Monday. Ohhhhh watch this space for plenty work gist!

  • Last but in no way least, my back fat has gone! Ladies know what I'm talking about, it's those two wings you get under your bra strap on either side of your body. Also the over hanging part of my upper arm that hangs over my elbows has also gone!!!! I know that as a big person it's a bit weird that these exact parts of my body get special mention. What it is, is that those parts show that I was entering a whole new zone of being overweight and to see them gone means that I'm not suffering in vain in those extra scary gym sessions. My tummy is also getting under control so I'm more determined!
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  1. phoenix Says:

    my goodness, i havent been away form ur spot for more than a week, and bam! i have to struggle to catch up..........tell them, tell them back fat does exists .....freaksho take note.