Sooooooo things were looking up today when my sister -in-law came back from her first bout of chemo. She is actually my cousin's wife but they are closer than that to me so it was fabulous to have her back in the house for the weekend.

In the evening I ran to the gym for a yoga class with this goddess of a woman called Rosie. Now Rosie looks like she could be in her early fifties but her body is that of a sixteen year old. All toned and supple and muscled...Talk about being the perfect advert for your trade!!!

Now during the class while we are twisting ourselves into all sorts of natural (or unnatural ) positions, Rosie will walk by some people and say "fantastic form Jack", or " you are progressing really well, lovely"! Well I wanted that to be me! I could be supple too!!!

So today I was really bending and twisting and moving hands, legs and even my butt in all sorts of directions and in the middle of my Triangle pose, she comes to me and says "your torso is perfect , look at that lovely stretch, fantastic!" Yeahhhhhhhhhh

Suddenly I feeling like yoga goddess extraordinaire. I'm two seconds away from releasing my own fitness video, I'm feeling smug as it has been a while since I did yoga and have wondered if I had lost my flexibility. Hurrah for me!

Then as the class is moving along we enter one deep move called Pigeon or something like that and it's not even that bad but I wasn't concentrating and 'KPOM' goes my left hip. OUUCHHHHHH!

The long and short of it is that I limped home this evening and have been favouring my hip like my Grandma... I know there is a lesson in here somewhere.

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