I hadn't blogged this week because I was in a nasty mood! PMS came and slapped me back and front! I had it all..bloated like a whale, weepy, violent and sluggishly tired. The worst part is that I am stupidly late so the symptoms won't GO AWAY!!

Anywhos..why am I then writing?, because I just got played serioulsy.

I got a text from a family friend of mine, that went like this:

I'm in London (don't ask) need to speak to you urgently (need a favour) can you call me on 0207 930 832. Batt low, ask for Liz she will pass you on to me.

Now if you knew this person you would know how so typical this message is. He is always zooming to London at the drop of a hat (he lives in Manchester) and he always has one adventure or the other!

So I come out of a meeting, see the message and call. The phone rings, and rings and rings. Just as I am about to drop the phone the answering machine comes on "Thank you for calling Buckingham Palace, if you would like to speak to the operator........"

HABA!! Let me get my hands on this boy, I will slap him back to Nigeria !!! I have suffered...Chai!
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