The title says it all. He is 70 today and I am amazed because he still rolls like he just turned 50 LOL.

  • The most cherished man in my life
  • The most annoying man in my life

I was always a Daddy's girl but somewhere between 7 and 12 he stopped getting what made me click. We have bashed heads so many times but I know that even though he doesn't understand me, he loves me and that is enough.

Top 5 Daddy skills

  1. Giving me a serious love of old movies
  2. Picking me up from school when period pain used to render me dysfunctional
  3. Giving me the men/relationship talk straight up and keeping it real
  4. Glaming me up back in the day (gold jewellery, handbags, perfume)
  5. Knowing how to parrrrrrrrttttttttyyyyyyyyy

I pray for a safe, happy, healthy life for you. No one has your class, no one has your style. Wouldn't swap you for any other!

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  1. TinTin Says:

    awww happy birthday to ur pops!!!

    i'm a daddy's girl to!! and i lurve it!!