Oh sh!t, I'm soooooooooo sleepy. I don't know what to do. I'm already blasting music in my ears through my phone and it is starting to lose it's power. Help!

Sometimes there are quite lulls in the office and I normally do some research for future work, trawl facebook or eat biscuits (are we surprised that I'm extra fat?). Well due to the fact that period pains rendered sleep useless last night I can't keep my eyes open to do the reading I need for my research. Facebook is boring of late so no help there and my days of mindless biscuit eating are over (can I get an Alleluia from the congregation?).


Daydreaming is a good option. I used to be so good at that, my imagination would take me anywhere I wanted to go, for example:

  • Backing dancer for Micheal Jackson
  • Backing singer for Micheal Jackson
  • Fan that gets randomly chosen to come on the stage and hug Michael Jackson (it was the 90s and I LOVED HIM)

What kind of daydreamer would I have been if I didn't have the requisite daydream about boys I had crushes on? In my imagination real obstacles would suddenly disappear like:

  • I would no longer be the tallest girl in my year and would now be a height that would render me cute and fanciable
  • We could have normal conversations without my/his friends spying on us in the playground
  • My hair wouldn't be in big bunches/plaits/thread but would instead be relaxed and flowing off my head
  • We would find ourselves in scenarios that would lend to longs talks (oh please, allow me I was 10 +) like the music cupboard after choir or orchestra practice, or helping our teachers after class on some project or the other.

Oh boy my mind could wander and wander it did. The problem with daydreaming at the age of 26 in a busy office is that your line manager would soon notice that you are not working. Anyway 20 minutes left, I'll think of something. Maybe I'll Google my name or something :-)

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