I'm really cheery, right now! Absolutely spiffy!! LOL the sun is beating down (shock horror) and I went to church and lighted a candle for my sister-in-law and for me as I start work tomorrow YEAH! Go team!!

I'm trying to type but I keep stopping to dance on my chair because I have this correct naija jams on my computer !! Okay I'm is everyone?? I hope you are as chirpy as I am and if you are not try to remember that whatever is bugging you IT COULD BE MUCH WORSE!

OK if you want to laugh, we had people coming around yesterday morning to view our house at 10 in the morning. My Mum had gone to work and so I and my cousin ran around the house to vacum and jazz things up a little, even his wife who isn't feeling well folded her duvet and sat up and smiled when the people came to view the house.

When they left I went to the spare room where I'm sleeping now and saw there right there in the middle of my well made bed MY GREAT BIG 36F PADDED BRA!! Yes , I had left it there when I decided at the last minute to change my bra to fit the top I'm wearing..... I can't look our property guy in the face anymore when he brings people to view the house.

Anyway to the new job! Here is what my darling friend wrote about my new job on Facebook! Brought a huge smile to my face!

Rule #1 At all times...wing it.
Rule #2 If you don't know something the answer is, "I'll get back to you on that."
Rule #3 The other person is ALWAYS wrong, PR people know best.
Rule #4 Its not so much about the truth as it is about the story.
Rule#5 There's no such thing as a straightforward answer...make people think without telling them too much :)

Does anyone else have tips for me?
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