I really was going to talk about the blog and why I decided to have to have one but there is no time for that.

I've really gone and done it now, msning with an ex you still have feelings for.

If I read this in my fav mags I would have sympathised with the poor girl and mentally told her to get a grip. But here I am being stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!!

I made an excuse to my mates here in Nigeria that we are still friends that's why we talk, but that's not the real reason...I don't know about him but I still talk to him because he still has the power to make my insides curl and make heat reach my toes.


I have to move on fast, that is the only way. I need a new reference asap, just don't know where to look in Lagos.
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  1. ManCee Says:

    Hi Stupid,
    Thanks for sharing

    But really who cares? (Okay, some do)
    But really, Most just want to marry off to someone, or the other and wish you well from

    Oh! and arrears.