Okay people, the heat is on because i am officially looking for job. Yeesssssssss i know it might seem early but I have learnt my lesson the really hard way !! It is never to early, can I get an Amen??

I will be in my house sipping tea and watching 24 (I love Jack Bauer) and people with drive and hunger will be doing their homework and getting good jobs!!!! No, I refuse to be the stupid one in this story. Today I start with initiative!!!!!!!!Yeah (can you hear the Rocky soundtrack??)

So the problem with a dual-hommie like myself is that eternal question of where am I going to work?? My Dad's answer is NIGERIA NIGERIA NIGERIA. Hmmm not that simple mate. It would be really simple if there was a huge factor waiting for you in either country, which in my case is Britain and Nigeria. Like for example if there was a bloke waiting for you in Ol' Blighty or some assured job in a high ranking company in Nigeria but not the case mate.

Now before my friends in London start knocking my head left right and centre, i love you guys and that's the truth but a girl has gotta eat. I will go where a job with prospects is waiting for me.

Now don't think I have forgotten my nuclear family cos I haven't but that won't provide any clarity. My Dad is here, my Mum is in London but wants to come back soon and my baby bro is here. So you see my family is also scattered to the four winds.

So what does a girl like myself do, I'm not cut out to be a Desperate Housewife, I do have my lazy git moments but I do so love working. Waking up in the morning with purpose, coming to work where you know your input is needed and appreciated (so not happening now) and tackling challenges everyday.

All those women fifty years back didn't take to the streets in protests for me to not apply myself now in my chosen profession (oh by the way it's PR and Communication if anyone is asking).

I know what I'll do, I apply in both countries and thanks to the power of the Internet that is quite possible and I'll pray. Yep gotta do some serious praying cos I'm lost and needed to find my path and also lots of lovely salaries :)

On another note Britain and Nigeria are both bombarded with rain!!
My cousin said it's cos Rihanna's Umbrella 'ella 'ella eh eh eh has been number one for 11 weeks and there must be some kind of West Indian magic attached to the song (I laughed so hard when I heard that).

Rain is one thing but flooding is a whole other kettle of fish you know?! In both countries the floods are caused by different things. In England it's flooded rivers and the fact that people love concreting their front yard so no vegetation/soil to soak up the water etc. In Lagos we are flooded because our drainage (where there is any) is totally pants and out roads are shot to hell so all the water just gathers at the sides and then meets in the middle.

I'll never forget one picture that was carried by one of our national papers, This Day and the picture showed a man taking people across a seriously flooded road in an old dumpster. They stood in it and he pushed them across and they paid him !!! That is Lagos for you :) At least as far as far I know our houses aren't affected unlike the people in Britain, I hope their insurance pays through if not it will be seriously not funny.
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