After a weekend surrounded by tissues, lozenges, lemons, hot water, honey, chicken noodle soup and every cold medication known to mankind, I was well and truly battered by the time Monday came around.

I wasn't feeling better, for some unknown reason my right eye was red and I had to go to work because my partner in crime was on her honeymoon so the post couldn't be left unmanned. Quite ungracefully I come in to work looking like the Bride of Frankenstein and feeling like I had gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson.

Fast forward to half way through the day and I sign on to msn and start speaking to ex hottie (don't judge me I was very good with my ban and when we do talk it's about strictly platonic subjects). I happily bitch away and ask for some good news from London to cheer me up. At first he was stuck then he tells me that his junior brother was picked for the national U16 squad !!!! Wow how fantastic is that, I was so chuffed because his brother works so hard and really deserves it, so at this point my mood is elevated to mid level......

Then he lists "I'm single and Transformers is a really good movie"...

CaramelD: "Hang on you've lost me how have we gone from football, to your love life ,to movies?

Ex hottie: I'm listing other good news for you

CaramelD: Is breaking up good news? Most girls cry, not sure about blokes.....

Then he went to explain that he was down cos it's not nice breaking up with someone but that he felt restricted in the relationship and had to end it. Now all through this I'm giving good answers and listening and being neutral and grown up and even moving the conversation to other subjects but inside I'm going


A feeling of pure happiness courses through me and I want to start a conga line down the middle of the office, on the outside I was off msn and working and talking biz with my boss and on the inside I'm singing "Celebrate good times come on!!"......

It is soo bad of me I know, believe you me there is a reason that is this blog is anonymous but i just couldn't help it. Nothing is going to happen between us though because

  • He called it off for reasons I don't fully understand

  • I'm on another continent

  • He's a very private person and I was never sure where I stood with him and that can drive you nuts

Yet I was still on top of the world. My throat didn't hurt as much, my head wasn't so heavy anymore, my eye didn't feel so sore and i swear I felt lighter (lol). I AM VERY NAUGHTY

2 Responses
  1. VV Says:

    oh....... me soon or something we need to strategise.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    There is no need to strategise!!! Nothing is going to happen !!