SO here I am at work waiting on the phone trying to talk to a potential big time client and I decided "oh I'll go online"... big mistake.

I went online to feel better seeing as I have period cramps that would bring down the Hulk and I was bloated to the size of a Teletubby but instead I got cranky. I first of all went on msn and was sooooo happy to see my darling friends from Canada and Jordan were online yeah, then I look down and eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk my aforementioned hotty ex is online. Now like I said before I went on a talking online ban but that wasn't difficult cos he went on hols with his girlfriend (ha ha I said that without feeling bitter, yeah for me) but now it's like "X - back from (insert cool Mediterranean island)!!!!!!!!

So now stupid female that I am (not always mind you I can be quite sensible) I'm like "I'm not signing off, going to talk to lovely far away friends".

Problem is that they are not there!! I nudge and wink my msn heart out but to no avail. So I still don't sign out cos I see it as defeat and I decide to go to good old facebook (the friend of every young adult who has moved countries but can't afford calling cards on a wide scale).

I post a few messages but nothing is really happening, I go and check out some pics that my friends posted of me and I see a group one taken from my second year at uni. Now imagine about ten people, in an array of coats smiling their hearts and absolutely looking terrible (mostly cos of drink) and yet soooooooooo very happy. So now I'm nostalgic, homesick and slightly weepy, maybe cos of my hormones or the fact that in the pic I looked like I had no eyebrows.

So far this whole Internet thing is not working for me. I go on Yahoo to read the news and I read about how the whole world has already gotten their hands on the last Harry Potter book. Pls!!! I have to wait till the first week in Aug when my Dad gets back from London cos I'm soooooooo not buying it in Lagos as they are being thieves and selling it for about forty pounds and my Dad is going to get it for eight quid in Asda!!!!

And of course ex hotty is still on msn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOOO I'm about to sign out of this Internet debacle when my friends from Jordan and Canada both come back online at the same time, yeahhhhhhhhhh. We chat for ages and I especially love talking to my darling in Canada cos I swear we have parallel lives and I see a lot of me in her apart from the fact that she is an Asian hottie who know loads of sciency things.....

Then another old friend catches me on msn and my faith in the Internet is restored cos I'm in Lagos and I spoke to people in Jordan, Canada and London without leaving my desk plus I get to vent on my blog :)
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