I am currently sitting in the office of Nigeria's sexiest magazine: MADE . Today is Friday so after CD, I came by here because this is where Phoenix works. She had finished university and was sitting at home and this opportunity came up and it's fab because this is a good working environment and she likes her job. I live with her this year and I can safely say if she wasn't here living in Lagos would not have been funny.

Anyway back to the mystery..... Like I have moaned about before, I feel fluey with a sore throat and cough. Well Phoenix is much worse!! She is sneezing, coughing, blowing her nose, surrounded by tissues and tea but still managing to work and look fashionable like the trooper she is.

Now my big cousin says I gave her the virus but I don't think sooooo, there is a mystery to unravel. Goldie, who works in MADE too and goes home with us in the car and works next to Phoenix was coughing, sneezing and blowing her nose before us, so HA!!!

But this madness doesn't stop because the question then becomes who gave Goldie the cold?? Well with some serious investigation that would have made Poirot proud, I found out that the finger of suspicion fell on Goldie's friend that was visiting from England. AHA!!! This is some form of invasion from the British, the end of the mystery right? Or not because Phoenix's brother that lives with us was more fluey and coughy than anyone put together and he rides home with us too.

There is no end to this mystery, it's a diabolical flu circle of doom and we are all its victims. So much for partying this weekend, we shall party in spirit.

According to big cuz it's honey, lemon and hot water. I also added whiskey/rum in coffee but Phoenix said I'm just looking for an excuse to bring alcohol into the mix. Huh!
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