I celebrated too early, the stupid sore throat/cough combo has now turned into sneezing, runny nose and catarrh. Yeulch!!! It's not a pretty sight at all and I sneeze in a most unladylike way. It is reminiscent of a thundering elephant. Oh Lord !! You can hear me two miles away.

Oh course I was the source of all office jokes yesterday, (because of Jesus I won't wish vengeance of them) and today at CD I looked like death warmed up. Funnily enough I feel so restless because I thought by now I would be cured and be out having fun. I blame the restlessness for my bit of madness today....

I got a ride to Phoenix's office and was about to cross over when she pulls up with Goldie and tells me to hop in because they are on the way to pick up graphics for adverts from a client. Now you have to realise that I was still in my Youth Corpers uniform. Usually I change from the offending article before I venture back into the world but today there had been no time. Now I'm not extra vain than the next 25 year old but you have to see the uniform. White t-shirt, horrid green khaki trousers which shrink with each wash. I swear by the time February rolls by my trousers will be bum shorts! The hot look is finished by a pair of orange jungle boots. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

So when the ladies said that they had to pop in and I should wait in the car , my khaki was already on my mind. But i was in a car, in broad daylight in the car park of a very busy building. I did a little reconnaissance and saw that there was a security guard who was perpetually there and some drivers that walked by at alternate times. OHHH Jack Bauer would have been proud.

One voice says don't do it what is wrong with you you nutter???

The other voice then says go on, go on, go on, have a go, be naughty for once.

So I shrug off my t-shirt and quickly put on my blue top, laughing at the fact that i had just flashed my red bra to the world without being caught.

So now the look is blue top and green khaki trousers hmmmmmm. I take off my jungle boots and socks and bring out my black trousers wondering what has gotten into me. Should I take off my trousers? What if someone comes, or the security guard notices me, or Goldie and Phoenix come out and catch me. Well I think stuff it and start scoping around....

One car,
A car and two gentlemen,
A Fedex guy
Then no one and go!! I quickly take off my trousers and drape my pashmina across my lap. Taking my black trousers I slowly inch them up and do the zip up. Yipeeeeee I did it!!! I brush my hair down because it was sticking up in all directions and then I regulated my breathing.

The look on the ladies faces when they came down from their meeting was actually priceless :)