That's what Fergie said in her lovely ballad, but following the conversations I have been having this week I might not agree with her anymore. What am I yapping about ? Well in a nutshell coming to Nigeria has achieved one thing: I've lost a few pounds. When I noticed that I remembered thinking that no matter how much I lost, I wasn't ever going to be a skinny minnie. (For the record my body is weird 12/14/16 combo). But according to some people without being slim you won't find someone to love you!!! So I ask, "Who's gonna love the big girls?"

So I was talking to Phoenix and she said the problem is that our generation has grown up on Hollywood and MTV and now have a different view of what physical perfection is in a lady. So you can be beautiful, smart, funny and know amazing tricks in bed but no dice if you don't look a certain way. She also pointed out something that scared me in: that in relation to the African family perspective. Mr A could bring a lovely lady home to meet the folks and that even though he's enamoured the parents would be like " NO WAY !!!" Could this really be happening ???

My cousin once said that he had friends who really didn't like slim girls and weren't all that attracted to them but because they didn't want to attract the ridicule of their friends and wanted to fit in they forced themselves to date women they felt were 'acceptable'.

Can this really be happening?? I mean I'm not saying men don't have a right to choose who they find sexually attractive but to then make a decision based on the opinion of others is like "staying in some kind of fat free closet"

Hey let's be real , for a whole host of reasons being fit and active is the best course of action for the human body but I have to stand up and defend every woman who has one or a mixture of big boobs, big thighs, big butt, that bit of upper arm that never stays firm, that bit of tummy that isn't washboard like and who wears a body shaper before putting on an evening gown...... :)

And of course this is not the same picture for big guys, it's a hard world out there ladies but chin up !
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