My flu held on like a Nigerian woman's household budget and I had to take a sick day. I'm all coughing up (close your eyes if you are squeamish) horrid phlemy stuff and my voice was non existent .

Laying on my sick bed (ie couch) I decided to get into the Big Brother Africa spirit. Since I have missed the British one, I really wanted to see what the home grown one was like. Well let me say, very colourful and more pizazzy. I guess this is because this is because this is their second season, while in the UK we might be getting a bit war weary as we are in Year 9!! Remember though the African way is always with style !!!

I'll tell you one thing that is a BIG difference, they have an hour a day where hot water is available in the bathroom and that is when most housemates take their shower, completely naked!! There is no door or shower wall and some girls do shower in a bikini but they are few, both guys and girls are free as a bird!!!!

The housemates are from twelve countries on the continent and it is completely hilarious reading the text messages people are sending from their various countries so it adds a competitive mix. The whole continent is watching so that is roughly 54 million people, talk about exposure. I'm supporting the Nigerian girl (of course), the Ghanaian guy who thinks he's the bomb (so that my friends don't beat me up) and the South African girl (cos she is sheer entertainment).

Ohhh ps my hair is really short, like page boy short, mmm exciting or dodgy?? depends on the angle :) Will drag my battle weary body into work tomorrow, that should be interesting.

PPS Guess who stupidly let slip to a certain someone that she has a blog and then gave address so as not to look like a wuss....... I know, I know I am a complete plonker. Book learning only takes one so far.
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