I got hit on today by another old guy !!! This has been happening with alarming frequency.
I'm talking old, distinguished, his kid's are your age mates, probably your Dad's age type of old. I mean this is a bit dodgy.

Apparently the girls at the office told me to take a chill pill, after all baby we are in Nigeria. The really sad thing is that somewhere you know that this bloke's wife is at home keeping everything running smoothly while he runs around town. The scary thing is that some blatantly don't care if you know that they are married. They are happily hitting on you with their wedding band on. One guy seemed to be amused by the fact that I was rude to him , the look on his face was something like "hmm poor little naive girl", or something to that affect.

Well you can't blame them on that aspect because there are a lot of girls who will willing jump into the guy's car without a blink of their false eyelashes . I have been told that it is like a well run business : Old guy, with money = young girl with hot body etc

I can stand on my soap box and preach but quite frankly I can't be bothered. Not all girls are there by choice and on the other hands some of these babes are professional 'dates' and can operate five guys at a time.

What you want to do is your business but at this point in time don't step up to me!!!! I'm not one of them and it's getting quite dodgy. Here are the all time favourite sugar daddy lines:

" I can change your life "
" You look good enough to eat"
" Have you ever ridden in a (insert luxury car of choice here) before ?"
" How does 10 million naira sound to you ?"

The really disturbing thing is that I don't get this much enthusiasm from people my age . According to my friends I am the poster girl of the last generation, ie I should have been born in the fifties. Excuse me what are people trying to say that my butt is out of fashion ??? I and my butt will just have to be quick on my feet and stay out of the way of that never ending Nigerian tradition of the Sugar Daddy :)
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