Well isn't it weird, you get dressed, sexy make up and big plans and 7/10 times it doesn't turn into anything special...but when you don't plan you get a rocking night !!!!

Well last Friday, I was in no mood to party at all but Goldie was adamant that everyone was having drinks because we were at risk of getting old before our time (are you sure that I haven't reached ???)

Anywho's because I hadn't thought it through, I was in my plainest of clothes straight from CD and I was working the whole poor relative look very well as compared to Goldie and Phoenix. Also in true Caramel style, I also had chicken sauce down my white top!! So much for being a laaddddyyyyyyyyy.

There was no way out it, so I put on minimum make up so I don't look like a complete loss and draped my yellow pashmina over my chicken lickin' stains and of we went across the road.

When we got there my two big cousins were there and some of Pooh Bear's friends (Pooh Bear works in MADE too and is a darling). So my night started with a Banana Banshee cocktail and I was feeling very Sex and the City (can u tell I don't get out much? ). So things were ok, the company was fabulous, the bar called Bungalows was chilled and the music was lovely and I suddenly felt myself relaxing and laughing when Phoenix went to the bar and went on FACEBOOK !!!! Yep the owner had a laptop hooked up to the bar.

Well after my cocktail I noticed the bottle of Vodka on the table and I thought fantastic !! I tell you with all honesty I was suddenly tired of being ill, having flu, having typhoid, and then the worst of period since boarding school days , I wanted to have fun damnit!!! Of course God bless my cousins as they were pouring and I was drinking!!!

Now as the night wore on, I met people and made good conversation and loved the music and was the very picture of decorum ....ok ok ok I'm lying but that is my official story and I'm sticking to it !!

According to Phoenix and Goldie my behaviour went something like this, clicking on cigarette lighters every time a favourite tune came on and waving it in the air, hitting on Goldie and asking her out (I did it to wind her up), trying to smoke my cousin's cigarette (I'm quite shocked at that one actually), and shame on shame trying out my seductive looks on Pooh Bear and Goldie and waiting on feedback !!!! To crown the night, yours truly then went all video honeyz on everyone and was dropping it like it was hot and my joints were made of elastic :)

Well I say lovely as long as my cousins don't want to Fed-Ex me back to my hometown I'm all good. I needed that night and I'm so happy for it, stained top and all. On another note I hurt like hell the next morning (serves me right ) and the bar bill nearly gave us a heart attack ( what am I going to for my birthday???? suggestions on a postcard pls ).
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