I know this might sound childish but I so have to share my trip to a cracker factory.

OK at work we had that whole thing about my department needing new clients so we got a heads up from 'new property guy' , and it was this gentleman that was an industry leader actually because he was the President and CEO of Belloxi Crackers which is this big family brand name in the biscuit world. I know the cracker and I haven't been there long and before I hear anyone saying, "well it is biscuit Caramel, and we know you like your biscuit!!", I will point out that I know the brand because my Dad loves crackers....

Anywhos... we called him up and we set an appointment to go and see him and talk about the wonderful world of financial investment packages. After getting a bit lost we turned up at his office which is also the factory grounds and when you get inside the building ...ohhhhhhh the divine smell of fresh baked complex carbs is absolutely heavenly. I'm telling you it was all I could do to hang on to my professional demeanour :)
After a long time we finally got to see him and I was all business and trying my best to give all my market spiel, my undoing was when one of the staff brought in two samples of light warm crackers and told us to try and spot which one was better. I had dreamt of this I swear , it was like my dream job coming to light. Well straight away I was on the job and spotted the less than perfect cracker.
Well after the hard meeting where he grilled us good and proper he promised to get back to us, ie we calling him and pestering him till he gave in , he then told us to follow his head of quality control for a tour of the factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah it was like school trips in primary school, who cares that I'm 25 this was way fun. So we put on our protective head gear and toured the factory floor. We saw where the flour and mix goes in and the cute cookie cutters that make the cracker shape and the oven the bakes them in 4 mins!!!!!!!!!!!
After the tour where I asked important and grown up questions while shouting yipeeeeeeee inside, we got given a cartoon of crackers !!! Which i did share all around to EVEYONE and by the time it reaches my parents i would have earned major daughter points.
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