Ok no time to really go into one, but the stupid three week flu is actually typhoid and I have to go to hospital for treatment !!! Can u just imagine. I'm torn between being proud of my body for fighting for soooooo long (my doctor is amazed that I'm walking around) and horrified at where I might have picked up the typhoid from.

Have to zoom cos I need to pack for my stay in the hospital. Not even sure if I can find my pyjamas. At least I have Harry Potter to comfort me even though I have to rack my brains sometimes to remember what the book is referring to.

I would have written more, God knows I have so much to talk about having been Internet deprived for a week but I have to get ready and my Mum annoyed me like five minutes ago on the phone and I can't focus.

See you on the other side of the hospital :)
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