I believe that most of the time, my mood dictates what I write about. Different things swarm through my head at any given moment but right now I'm in a bitchy mood and that mood says that this post is going to follow that stream !!

Don't get me wrong! This morning I woke all sweetness and Saturday morning active girl, but now through a series of quite inconsequential things I'm giving Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street a run for his money!!

SO what am I bitching about this morning, well let's talk about my office. My lovely financial hidden gem of a an office. Obviously cos of my run in with typhoid I have been off sick all week. We are a small company of about 16 individuals and that number includes the five youth corpers like me that are serving this year. Well everyone has been so kind over the week when I was in hospital, calling and checking on me etc. I mean it was so nice even new property guy.

The only people that didn't call where like the big honchos you know the heads of departments and the MD and quite frankly if they had called I would have been a bit scared. But guess who is in that list... my boss!! My boss that not once pick up the phone or text to say hey what's up? Nothing! Nada! Zilch!!! I'm sorry please correct me if I am wrong I just find that uncaring and issue laden. I'm not bothered about the sentiment cos saying sorry isn't going to chase the bacteria out of my blood stream any quicker but really!!!

When my partner in crime overstayed on her honeymoon he called to joke with her that the love must be extra strong to make her forget about work and I heard that this week another corper in another department was really ill too (get well soon babe ) and he called her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that then begs the question what ???? I mean please I have been told that I am too nice, well believe me that is over cos when I walk into that office I am going to be as cold as ice. There is nothing I can think of that would warrant such behaviour from someone who should know better unless he thinks I'm lying etc then quite frankly that's his problem.



In case I haven't mentioned it, I work for a bank. I'm not in normal banking though, I'm in asset management, trusteeship, investment etc subsidiary. Now we share office space with our insurance brokerage people and a I helped a colleague there with his invitation letter for a holiday visa to the UK.

I'm on hi and hello terms with him and i only helped him out cos the uncle that was going to it died in car crash in Aberdeen and I thought well "why not, help someone out , do some good..." Well see now I'm not so sure. The guy bugs me all the time. First it was all the paper work I had to do and stuff. He would call me five million times in an evening to remind me not to forget to bring in whatever it was I was meant to bring in. I bore that for a while thinking maybe he is just anxious etc.

Now though all that is done and dusted and it is up to the Embassy whether or not they want to issue him the damn visa. Why is he still calling me?? First of all it was "I heard you where ill etc etc", now like today I get five missed calls from him!!! WHY WHY WHY?????

Please do not assume a familiarity that does not exist I did not sign up to be your friend!!!!! If there is a question about the paper work then why can't he text me?? Must it be a phone call? I will keep on ignoring the calls or getting Phoenix to pick them up (she did this morning ) until the message is clear.


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