What's bugging me now eh?? What What What????? I love having a blog, I don't mind that much that no one actually reads it, I love having it because I can let out my screams into cyberspace and be all the better for it.

I am generally very upbeat but right now I'm not and if anybody says it is PMS I'll punch someone I swear. I'm sooo sleepy and I wonder why cos I know I slept well. Be that as it may I just want to lay my head on my desk and sleep, which worries me cos I start thinking that I may be getting diabetes so now I'm monitoring how many times I go to pee. By the way I'm not be stupid, there is diabetes in my family and I'm a big girl so there!!

I'm also cranky because I am at work and there is NOTHING TO DO. I've asked my boss several times if there is anything I can help him out with and he keeps saying "in a minute". Minutes are slowly turning into hours. I can't help it that I'm super efficient and have done all my work. If I work then I'm kept busy and my mind doesn't wander. Hey I can think!!! I think too much for my own good. Turning things over and over and over again !!! VERY BAD

I also want a hug, yep it's true I want a cuddle. I'm a big softy and I need comforting and quite frankly there is no one around to do that. OK actually tell a lie, there is someone but he's not generally the sensitive type. He's attracted to me, I'm attracted to him and we have a laugh but that's it. Also after the whole B thing I'm a bit more cautious.

WOW OK!! I feel miles better. Nigerians don't moan about their feelings much, it's just not done so really couldn't have done this by the water cooler, might have scared a colleague or something....

PS I've been given work HURRAH
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