So on Saturday I went to a Lagos society wedding. For those that don't know, all it means is a normal wedding to a greater power. Everything is bigger, wider, louder, Nigerian style. The couple were a lovely looking young Igbo couple so therefore it stands to reason that apart from family and parent's friends there were going to be a fair amount of young adults ie 25-35 etc.

Now I know that in cultures all around the world, single people go to weddings with a glint in their eye looking out for a possible hook up, but really I think I missed the all out war signal that was sent out for this wedding! I wasn't even looking at the guys, I was too busy scoping the women.

Tall, short, average height, fair, dark, in between, hair up, hair down, cut to the side, loose, fake, natural, western dresses, African print, traditional attire, stilettos, wedges, slippers, pumps, ballet slippers, make up, no make up...anyway you wanted it it was there!!! It was like Oscar night I swear. I wanted to pick up an imaginary microphone and look into a camera and start telling the viewers at home what was going down that evening!

The unfortunate part though were the ladies that tried to hard and then it sort of feel apart. They wore dresses that would be fine on our Western sisters who generally come wth less cleavage than your Nigerian girl and anyway those that have just stick on a bit of boob tape and it's all right. Nigerian girls can't use boob tape, and the ones at the wedding couldn't wear a bra with those plunging necklines so they opted to just wing it... NOT A GOOD IDEA

Bits of not so firm boobs were drooping everywhere, out through the front and out of the sides and jiggling and jangling all over the place oh dear!!! Then some crossed the not too subtle line from wedding outfit to nightclub outfit and looked a bit garish in the daylight. Even though I fight against the truth sometimes, I do have to admit that simple and elegant always wins the day !
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