I refuse to let a negative entry be my only post this New Year so let's have some good news!!! CK (I call him Naija Clark Kent, he loves Superman) has moved on to serious levels of job satisfaction!! Yep he got a new job and just any old new job, noooooooooo.

He got a job at a seriously sexy CaramelD rating of 9/10 advertising mega company!!! I would love to mention the company's name here so that you can ohhh and aaah appropriately but I think I will keep it under wraps in case I'm infringing some law or the other (yes I know I occupy a minute fraction of cyberspace but these people are so sexy they would just KNOW if their name was being taken in vain).

Why am I so happy for CK? Well for a host of reasons. Firstly the company has worldwide networks, so the only way would be up, secondly his salary has shot up (never a bad thing), thirdly this is only his second job in advertising but mostly I'm happy cos it gives me hope. Like me, CK's first degree is in Law, unlike me he actually went to law school but took a huge risk (can anyone say African parents!!!) and went into copy writing with no formal training. I choose PR and did my Masters in 2006.

Some how in the back of my mind I feel that that should validate the whole time he felt unsure and wondered am I doing the right thing or am I crazy??? Now I don't admit to having his range of talent for the creative, but I hope that one day that will be me and the years of answering the question, "what, so you are really not going to Law school?" will have a physical worth to my spiritual conviction.

PS, CK I'm waiting for my sexy mega advertising company pen, calendar, note pad, bumper sticker..........

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