I do believe this week will be a fab week, I can feel it in my bones. For example this morning I got to work on time for the first time in three weeks!!!! I also got lovely fruit salad from a friend and it was major healthy food fun!!! It's also good that I'm all feeling the good blessings so that they can cushion me when dodgy things come my way.

I'm talking Sod's Law, that law that makes your toast fall on the floor butter side down, that makes it rain the one time you don't have your umbrella, that makes a girl run into the hot guy she has a crush on the one time she is wearing dodgy tracksuit bottoms, a hairnet and has facial scrub on her face (true story)!!

Anyway the big example of Sod's Law in my life right now is that NYSC has moved our Passing Out from Feb 6th to Feb 14th !! That's right flipping St. Valentines Day. That's like putting two fingers up to romance and fun. Our camp site is NOWHERE near the city centre, so we will be walking around like prison inmates (the uniforms do that to us) unless you are lucky enough to find where to change.

On a personal note, Mr. Man (previously mentioned in earlier post) will be in Lokoja because he is a Corper as well and will be passing out there in the North!! so that puts an end to anything happening, if it was going too....

The second big example is that there is a guy in my sister company who really likes me. He comes to my desk everyday (no mean feat as we are separated by two floors) , he calls randomly all the time and tries to find ways to meet me outside work. I work in a general office so some of my colleagues (including Senior Staff) have started teasing him mercilessly and it's terrible. I don't fancy him one bit and I have tried different ways to let him know but to no avail!!

Now I can name two people I would have given my left hand for them to behave this way but nope! Sod's Law in the extreme. Those you like don't like you and those you don't like are busy writing out your wedding invitations in their head. Aah life.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    so true, sod's law sucks!