See oh, I roll with Phoenix like 98% of the time. She works hard running around anywhere, so with both chores and social activities I'm the navigator so to speak (yes there is the two percent when I do have my own life).

This evening though I was very ready to say NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO when she suggested I go to Silverbird to see CK with her and guess what??? B was going to be there as he was hanging out there as today is his birthday!!!

HAHAHAA Apart from the fact that Phoenix and CK hardly have any alone time together and I do not want to be a third wheel, can you imagine me seeing B??? I don't think so. After the whole rigmarole of wanting to see him to balance things right and him not bothering, my eyes are suddenly allergic :0)

Phoenix went and I and some friends later went to pick her and CK from the front of the shopping centre. I just knew that B will come out and if I saw him stupid ensuing awkwardness would be the main dish of the evening. So when we pulled up, your girl just turned in the front seat (backing the windscreen) and made a big deal of helping clear stuff out of the back seat of the car to make space for Phoenix and CK. Then when Phoenix (Miss Unsubtle 2008) said see your friend and I had to turn around he was backing me on his way back into the building. Score for me!!
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