So you see, for the record I can worry and be blue and be glum and wonder about stuff, but this week I'm going to try something radical. I am going to NOT WORRY.

This is cutting edge stuff I tell you! I profess that I am Catholic and believe in God but I think I have not been applying the theory of my religion. This week I am going to TOTALLY SUBMIT to the Higher Power in my life for my health and my sanity.

Every thing that is bothering me right now, I am going to pray for and I'll let you know how I am feeling. I cannot promise miracles but I do promise peace. I can't go on the way I have been lately, which is smiling on the outside and pretending it's alright. At this moment I can confess, that I am lost, worried, lonely, jealous and all other negative things that snap at my heels like chained dogs that know that their chains are slowly breaking.

Today I'm breathing free and I'm breathing better because I am giving all my cares to God. It won't be smooth because it's hard to break the habit of a lifetime but I am determined and I can't wait to see how it goes :0)
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