I got the job!!!! Yipeeeeee !!!! Hurray!!!!! Conga line across the world!!!! Mexican wave!!!!!

Let me start from the beginning!!

I got there 20 minutes early and was sooo nervous. My heart was pounding and I felt so sick. Every time I found a way to calm down, I would remember that I was here for my only interview to date and I'd want to puke up! I had time to salvage my hair in the bathroom and i said to myself, "what would other people do?"......

Parents - Pray
Phoenix - Apply loads of lip gloss
D-Girl - Go over her material
Phat Girl - Nothing, because she knows she is fabulous

I therefore did all of the above and went back into the waiting room. So the first thing was to write a press release and I had thirty minutes. That was OK, once I got my hands to stop trembling, knew all the rules and even had time to go online and get a logo and put it on the document.

After that I was lead up two floors to the interview room, now I know you are meant to shake hands but they were around an awkward table and there was a flipping projector blocking me. Now talking about the Projector, my stupid PowerPoint didn't open because I did it on Vista !!!! Luckily I had printed coloured slides and they were like "good thinking!" Aah my coloured ink finished for a noble cause.

The questions were a lot!!! My throat was soo dry after I finished answering. I kept trying to sit up straight, and watch my body language and not waffle !!! Aahh I was so tired afterwards, it was sheer will they kept me on my feet back home when I was done.

Now they had told me they would get back to everyone by the next morning, but they called me that evening.


I'm not sure when I start but I have to do a criminal check as I am working with under 18's but I will keep you posted!!
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